Saturday, January 31, 2015

Your February Calendar - Free Printables

Oh it's February...

Option 1: "It's snow white." - North and South {possibly the most romantic movie in the universe...}

Option 2: "Reader, I married him." - Jane Eyre

These Free Printable Calendar Pages are for you. Courtesy of Pretty Wit.
This is a glorious month isn't it? Makes me want to paint paper hearts and string them about everywhere. 

Here are some fun ideas for gift toppers, envelope stuffers, and vintage valentines cards. There's nothing quite like getting an envelope in the mail.

[1. Original Illuminated Text by PrettyWit. (coming soon!) - 2. Handmade Mini Granny Square Hair Pin - 3. Valentines Day Cards]

If you enjoyed these calendar pages, please share and pin and favorite and do all that lovey stuff.  
Pretty ♥ Wit
{Free Printables for personal use only. Please do not sell these digital or printed files.}

Monday, January 12, 2015

Free Printables! A Calendar for January!

Happy January!
I propose some free gifts...
 For my sister this Christmas I gave her a Calendar. 
Ingredients: a box, a mini clip board, 12 calendar pages, and 12 envelope of treasures.
These are the January treasures...
{ Free Thank you cards from Oana Befort | Handmade White/Navy Grosgrain Ribbon Bunting | Great Idea Cards by Knock Knock }

We will be giving you a FREE 2015 Calendar Page for each month this year!

There is no specific theme for the year {because who can stick to one theme for an entire year?} There's a little bit of vintage, films, Paris, and just plain pretty!
Here's a Sneak Peak at the coming year's surprises! 

JANUARY I love thee!
#1- "Sunny Thoughts"
{ click for better resolution }
...i love thee enough to make two Calendar Pages for thee...
 #2 - "North and South"
{ Save to your computer and print on quality card stock. } 
 or upload to your desktop background.
Thanks a bunch!
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"...I've got a Pretty Wit!"

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to tell you about our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at  our shop Pretty Wit

Most things are up to 50% off! And to show our appreciation to you, our  good friends, we'd like to offer an additional coupon for free shipping in the US!  Just enter the code "spinster" at checkout! 

Hope you all are having a beautiful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

a new Wolly Pop and some music for happiness

Meet Betty. 
She is a loving and skilled lady bird. She can cook anything from a pot roast to a jello salad.. carrots 'n all. She loves to listen to Bing Crosby records and wear black high heels. Sophistication, loveliness and a recipe for a good time are things she's never without.

Here's my newest little owl! I hope you like her. I wish I could say I was just as accomplished as her, but I can say that we both have excellent taste in music. =]
"Ol' Blue Eyes" is our all time favorite.

 Isn't this the cutest?
We have this song (a later recording of it) on a record we got from my Grandpa!
It's such a cute song. =]
And it's almost time for White Christmas again! YAY! Our Mom had to ban us from watching it because we'll watch it OVER and OVER again! It's our favorite.

Who's YOUR favorite singer from the first half of the century?
I should very much like to know!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Abigail the Wolly Pop

Here's my newest little Wolly Pop!
Miss Abigail Greer.. World traveler and cozy companion!
Please visit her in the shop to read all about her!
And I just happened to be listening to the Narnia soundtrack and this song just seemed to fit with Abigail! Well, why not? It's called Only the Beginning of the Adventure.

Love to everyone this fine November day!
I hope you are all well and living with hope for the real adventure awaiting us in eternity!!
Love, Marguerite

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cosmic Meadows

I thought that was a particularly perfect name for this pair of pillowcases. =]
I just love the fabric. It reminds me of being 9. Which was my favorite age. Everything is better when your 9.

Thanks for visiting our blog today! smooch. 
And just because I'm curious...  
What was your favorite age to be? hmm?


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pretty Hippie Pillowcases

I am a lover of all things hippie. 
Wearing my long brown hair in two braids and picking flowers are what I do best. 
Music from the 1970's is my favorite. 
Namely...Keith Green. Who I always called "Green Keith" until I finally figured it out. 
And I love the harmonies of Simon and Garfunkle. What can I say?

So when I saw this purple tie dye fabric, I swooned. Isn't it so pretty? I love it! I almost kept it. But I decided to share it instead. So, here is another pillowcase... or rather two, for sale in the shop!

And here are some more pretty etsy hippies form other shops!
{click on images to see them in the shops}

I want this pillow!
Owl fabric. Hoot.
Yummy yo yos.

 Pretty car seat quilt with hippie dandelion fluffs.
 I want this.

And just for fun, Here's a song I love, love, love.
I hope you are all having a happy Saturday.