Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Say hello to Dhelia

The newest addition to my family of Wolly Pops!Dhelia is sweet, caring, joyful and loves guava juice just as much as I do. =]Pay her a visit and read her description in the shop if you would!
xoxo - Marguerite

Monday, February 22, 2010

Giveaway time! A little more than a drain..

Scene I

(Drain, Oregon. In the middle of the street, surrounded by angry policemen and ferocious dogs.)

[Enter Genevieve, Aimee and Tonto]
Genevieve: Marry! I'd be prettily pleased if everyone could sit down and talk as old friends! Come, do, do!
Ferocious Dogs: Bark, bark!
Aimee: God rest ye merry, Ferocious Dogs...
Ferocious Dogs: Bark!
Tonto: Me no think it's good place to sit...we in middle of street...eth.
Genevieve: I was speaking figuratively my good friend.
Tonto: (grunts) Hmph.
Ferocious Dogs: Barketh!
Angry Policeman #1: Oi! You there, raise your appendages toward the heavens or I shall have to bludgeon thee!
Aimee: O dear!
Genevieve: O me!
Ferocious Dogs: BARK!
Genevieve: Dear Sister, Good Tonto! O, how now! What have we done to deserve such cruel speech as this?
Angry Policeman #2: Oi! You foul women and...Tonto..thee has heard what my comrade hath told thee! Extend your limbs unto the blue expanse!
Angry Policeman #3: Oi! Or thou shalt hang by your pretty necks!
Aimee: For soothe! Must all limbs extend at once toward the heavens?
Angry Policeman #7: Spam, eggs, sausage and spam!
[All (including ferocious dogs) blink excessively and blush.]

[Enter Marguerite with wistful and dreamy countenance]

Salutations my good sisters! How, Monsieur Tonto. Hast thou perceived the wondrous soap sculptures in the multitudinous bath houses?
Marguerite: Good ol' canine mammal!
Aimee: (looks nervously at... canine mammal.) I would not adviseth thee to use such soap... It so parches the skin!
Tonto: (grunts) ghrumph
Genevieve: (gestures fervently at Aimee)
Aimee: My good sister says, that to remain in this plight would be folly.
[Angry Policemen look around confounded. Marguerite ties a ribbon round about her head in the style of Tonto's fashion.]
Genevieve: (gestures fervently yet again)
Aimee: She says, we must weary them no more with idle talking!
F.D.'s: bark...whimpereth.
Tonto: (grunts) HUH.
Genevieve: (gestures at Tonto)
Aimee: Tonto.. had not you better stop this grunting?
Tonto: (grunts) Ugh...
[Marguerite picks up a feather and establishes it in her head dress.]
Genevieve: (gestures fervently towards all A.P.)
Aimee: In the mildest language, If thou dost not pipe down she will prod you in the ribs.
A.P. #7: Spam, spam, spam, spam, spamity SPAAAM, spamity spam!
[utter silence]
Genevieve: (gestures fervently with animation!)
Aimee: (relaying the message also with animation) We must secede with the eggseronious habitual of the omitted bib at bay!
[All stop and look aghast at Aimee who looks awkwardly at Genevieve who repeats her... gesture.]
Aimee: (with renewed composure) We must PROCEED with the CEREMONIOUS RITUAL of the PRETTY WIT GIVEAWAY.
A.P.#2: Oi! Eggseronious....?
Marguerite: Marry! Gaze upon this token with baubles of shell! It has alighted on my hand!
Aimee: You dull fool! That is the gift of the giving!
Marguerite: For Me?!
Genevieve: (recovering her voice) Peace, good mademoiselle, and take heed to what my dear sister will tell us.
Tonto: (grunts) uhghud
F.D.'s: (all whimper and try to avert their eyes from the scene before them)
Aimee: Yes, 'tis the time of the giveaway; You are true. Today being the 22nd of February in the year 2010, we thought it befitting to bestow upon you a most wonderful work of handicraft!!
Tonto: (grunts and starts small fire in the middle of road.) prguh
A.P. #2: Oi! You no startem fire!
Tonto: (grunts) mghupf
Aimee: How now Tonto? What make you here?
Marguerite: Why sister, this be-ith an old indian trick. Once the fire is ignited, we may send signals of smoke so someone might come and relieve us from this predicament.
[Genevieve and Aimee stand agape at Marguerite's sudden apprehension.]
Tonto: When we gettum rescued, we go to McTonto's. Eat heap good food.
[The three maidens smile at this friendly suggestion]
A.P.#1: Oi! You must therefore surrender at ONCE or in THIRTEEN DAYS!
A.P.#3: Oi! Or, you clowns, PUNISH, we, THEE!!!
Genevieve: Woe is us! Oh poor, poor, unfortunate us. Poor maids we are indeed! Woe!
Aimee: If there was one so brave as to save us from this accursed imprisonment, I would they were here!
Marguerite: And the giveaway so close we could but touch it! Wherein at the end of 13 days we will be--
A.P. #7: Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam and spam!

(The drawing is for this button bracelet made by us!
It is crocheted with coral colored, small, wool yarn
and adorned with pearly white buttons. It fastens with a loop and toggle closure (see middle pic). It is approximately 6 1/2" long. But it will stretch and move to fit pretty much any wrist.)

Just leave a comment with some way to reach you (blog, email, etc.). We will pick a winner (via random drawing) on Sunday the 14th of March!
For an extra chance to win, follow Pretty Wit! And for an extra 3 chances to win, tell us your solution to get the Three Spinsters (and their lovable friend Tonto) out of the wretched mess they are in. So there, you will get FIVE entry's if you do them all!

Until we meet once more, when we shall be rescued... we hope.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from Pretty Wit!
We hope everyone has a pretty day filled with flowers and chocolates and everything nice!

xoxo Genevieve, Marguerite and Aimee

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Pop in the Shop!

Hullo all you extreme blog readers! I have an extremely awesome surprise for you!
It's an extremely handsome little Wolly Pop named Josh. Just Josh. Nothing more.
But he is extreme. I snapped a couple photos of him as best I could.
I got this one just before he tried to close himself in the cd player.

Needless to say, I intervened. So I thought by the cd player would be better than on (or rather in).

Then as I turned my back (note to self: don't do it again), he turned up the volume to the extreme loudest... and shoved his head into the bass port of the cd player.

So, if you think you can handle it...
you can go see (and read) more of Josh in the shop!

Have an extremely crazy-good Saturday!
- Marguerite