Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Officially Addicted

...to making these treasuries. Say hello to 2011! It's almost here. :)


Friday, December 17, 2010

(click on picture to see the items better!)

Hi everyone! Just wanted to show you another treasury we were featured in. Isn't it pretty? It was made by Tirabaralla. They have some gorgeous stuff! Like these upcycled gift wrap bags. Have you ever seen anything so clever, useful and beautiful at the same time?!

Thanks Tirabaralla!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Pretty Wit is Having a Sale! (please read to the end)

All of my jewelry is on sale. Every bracelet is marked down to $10! Plus I'm offering free shipping. Hurry! The sale ends on December 1st.

And don't miss out on the Wolly Pop sale! These hardly EVER go on sale. These are perfect for stocking stuffers. Every age loves them from 3 year old girls to 50 something guys! Seriously. And if you haven't already, please read the little stories in the descriptions that Marg writes. Wolly Pops have the greatest personalities. Of the many, many Wolly Pops she has created she has never made two alike. They are all unique and original. If you are looking for a unique gift for someone who has everything I can guarantee they wont have one of these.

She also does custom ones! Favorite colors are green and pink? Orange and blue? Want a world traveling Wolly Pop or a Wolly Pop who hangs out at the library or maybe one to match your car? She can do it.

Thanks for reading to the end! We have a special coupon code for our blog readers! Type in blogfriend1 at checkout for 15% off your entire order!

Have a pretty day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Christmas Treasury

Oh yes, it IS that time again! *singing* "Time for mistletoe and holly...."

And just in time my little handmade stocking is featured in this great treasury!
(Click on the picture to see it larger)

Isn't it cool??

Thanks Smiling Gecko Studio!
I LOVE your seed pod necklaces

and your bird earrings too!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alec is back!

Wearing his 70's shades and looking like he's been skiing all day.

This is Alec. Known to his friends as "Alec the Awesome". He knows he's cool stuff. He likes listening to jazz records, watching 70's ski videos and is never without his retro shades. He is a bird of few words but is a thinker of profound thoughts. He calls his mother regularly.

You can find him HERE in our shop. =]

Much love,

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Wolly Pops...

...are back in the shop and they're on SALE too!

Dhelia (The delightful!)and

The Professor...

Hello all you birds!
I have started putting some things back in the shop and am going to put some new things in as well. Hope everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving as much as me!
Love, Marguerite

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Rainy Day

Hello everyone. =]
I just thought I'd let you all know what's going on at Pretty Wit.
We were at the Bend Indoor Market yesterday and today and a good thing it was indoors too 'cause it was pouring down rain all day! *sigh* It was wonderful... I love the rain! Makes me want to sing "Rain drops keep fallin' on my head..." Ok, that's beside the point...

We're working on getting some more things in the shop right now.... I know Gen's working on some fabulous fingerless gloves and I (your news person, Marguerite) am working on some Wolly Pop's and other fun stocking stuffer thingamagigs and Aimee is... well, you never can tell with Aimee.... But I think she's making some crocheted goodies. =]
So stay tuned for some fun (and warm) things for Autumn (and early Christmas too)!

Also... Now is a good time for suggestions. =] What would YOU like to see in our shop? And for that matter, on our blog too. We love questions, comments and suggestions. =]

And now for your random enjoyment... Some pictures from one of our all time favorite movies!
Mary Poppins

Have a



xo Marguerite

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello Friends

It's been a while I know... But (hopefully) with good reason.
Last weekend and this weekend we set up our shop at
The Bend Indoor Market.
We have been quite busy!

Please come check it out if you live in the area! Otherwise, here are some pictures of our trinkets and doodads. =]

Aimee's been hard at work making all these crocheted jewelry pieces!

Our sister and her husband are the ones who make the barbed wire stars and painted furniture and some of the aprons. They also made these business cards (for them)-

And these ones for us! Aren't they awesome?!
Our Mom makes these lovely wreaths!

And here are some new Wolly's I've been working on!

This is Wadsworth.

Gen's been busy making these super cute and stylish fingerless mittens! And of course lots of beautiful jewelry and aprons!

So, in case you've been wondering where we and all our stuff has been, now you know. =]
I'm working on more Wolly Pops to put in the shop as well as some ideas for something new!
As it happens, the market is going on today until 4:00pm (and a giveaway we're doing at the market too!) so if you're quick you can still make it! Here is the website for directions, http://www.bendindoormarkets.com/

We will be there next weekend as well, so please come and see us!
There's also lots of other cool stuff there. Including handmade things, antique and vintage finds, food and fresh produce! It'll be happening every weekend too!
So, anyway, I hope everyone is well and happy! I'm off to take a walk in the sunshine!
xo Marguerite

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beauty and the Beast


Hello everyone! I created a treasury for your viewing enjoyment. I posted about it here on Three Spinsters. Take a gander!

♥ Genevieve

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Give it all away...

Here is a sweet giveaway! I simply love these necklaces! If you sign up HERE, you have a chance of winning one of these three lovelies...
The SaharaThe Tamarand The Little Bee necklace! Don't you just love them? Thanks Rafya for giving! Here is her beautiful etsy store: Alona Lahav handmade designs
Fare thee well!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Featuring Pretty Wit...

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer. =]
We are having a blast! We've been going, going, going! It's been crazy and fun. =]
So, good news!
We've been featured twice on etsy by Lori Pentico of Uniquely Yours!!
Here are the beautiful treasuries she has made...
{Click on pictures to see the real deal}

"Through the Forest"
(I love this one.. Perfect name and lovely items!)
"Pretty in Pink"
The Professor was honored to be in the first one... He loves it when all eyes are on him. He's kind of stuck up that way...and Dhelia was so delighted to be in the other, surrounded by pretty, pink, girly things!And we were delighted as well that these earings (made fabulously by Aimee) were also featured! Wahoo!!

Thank you so much Lori for choosing us! We are honored! =]

"Ok, call you in five minutes.."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Melody Valerie Couture

I'd like you all to see this lovely shop...

Melody Valerie Couture

*(EDIT)*: It is NOT a mother and daughter (oops! My mistake!)
It is a lovely girl named Melinda who makes the most lovely clothes for 18" dolls. I've never seen such beautifully made things! They are truly exquisite.
And such a pleasure to work with! I recently did a trade with her and I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed it! She was so communicative, helpful and the nicest person you'll ever meet. =]

Here are some of my favorite things in her shop...
(The above was a custom order she made and the first thing I saw in her shop. I fell in love instantly when I saw this. Isn't it gorgeous?!)
(This dress (above) was a custom order as well. Beautiful!)

(This dress (below) was also a custom order that she made from the photo below it.)
[click on pictures to see in the shop]

she also has a blog where you can see more pictures, read feedback and hear all about her ideas and upcoming projects! Here is the link: http://melodyvalerie.wordpress.com/Her latest custom project is a doll size version of this dress from the new Alice in Wonderland Movie! I can't wait to see it! Everything she makes is so beautiful!

So, If you love doll clothes, beautiful couture or exquisite stitching...
Please visit Melody Valerie Couture. You will not be disappointed!
I hope everyone is having a lovely day!
Remember we love hearing from you! So please don't be strangers! If you have ideas, comments or musings about our blog or shop please do tell!
Have a pretty day!
With love, Marguerite

*ps Oops! Sorry about that Melinda! Silly me!*