Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Nimble Thimble

Miss Morgandy the Robin has found a home! I'm sure by now she is great friends with Miss H. who now has her. So, as a 'thank you' I would like to show you all some items from her lovely etsy shop!

The Nimble Thimble

{click on pictures to view more pictures}

I just love all of it! She is an excellent seamstress and a very lovely person too! =]
Please go take a look at her shop!

Also, I will be putting some more sewing box *edibles* in the shop this week so be sure to check back!
Have a Pretty day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I love a giveaway!

There are three lovely giveaways happening at the moment! How exciting!

This one is très jolie! Take a tour through this blog: Paris Hotel Boutique Journal! You can enter the giveaway until the 27th.

There is a lovely little giveaway over at Anna's Trunk! She has the loveliest Etsy shop as well. Be sure to enter before the 31st! Excellent notion!

This one sounds like a lot of fun for us business owners! Hop over to Simply Grove for a chance to win oodles of business cards! Hurry, this giveaway ends on the 24th!

Happy Monday to you all!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello Friends!

Whew! It's been a long time...
We just got back from our vacation in Florida! Wahoo!!
But we've all been dreaming of what we'll put in the shop next! So, hopefully, you will not have to wait forever before we have some new things for sale.

I just sold my last 'heirloom tomato pincushion'! Yay! {Thank you Miss Karol!} So, I'll be making some more of those soon!
Also, I just started on some new sewing box goodies to dangle before your eyes. =] But you'll have to wait till I get them in the shop to see them! I know, not fair... Since you all are jumping off your seats, running around in circles with anticipation, exclaiming that you cannot possibly wait!!
Heh heh... just kidding. =]

In the mean time... Check out these adorable wee pincushions by May Farm Cottage
They are made out of little tin jello molds! So cute!{Click on picture to view in her shop}
And I am in Love with this Bag made out of a Tea Towel!
{Click on picture to view in her shop}

She also has some more vintage goodies, adorable hand sewn ornaments, luscious soaps and beautiful crocheted items! Please go check it out!
Here is the link:

Anyway... Off to the land of music practice and THEN back to the etsy shop workings of the daisy mind!

eheh... =]