Thursday, July 29, 2010

Featuring Pretty Wit...

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer. =]
We are having a blast! We've been going, going, going! It's been crazy and fun. =]
So, good news!
We've been featured twice on etsy by Lori Pentico of Uniquely Yours!!
Here are the beautiful treasuries she has made...
{Click on pictures to see the real deal}

"Through the Forest"
(I love this one.. Perfect name and lovely items!)
"Pretty in Pink"
The Professor was honored to be in the first one... He loves it when all eyes are on him. He's kind of stuck up that way...and Dhelia was so delighted to be in the other, surrounded by pretty, pink, girly things!And we were delighted as well that these earings (made fabulously by Aimee) were also featured! Wahoo!!

Thank you so much Lori for choosing us! We are honored! =]

"Ok, call you in five minutes.."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Melody Valerie Couture

I'd like you all to see this lovely shop...

Melody Valerie Couture

*(EDIT)*: It is NOT a mother and daughter (oops! My mistake!)
It is a lovely girl named Melinda who makes the most lovely clothes for 18" dolls. I've never seen such beautifully made things! They are truly exquisite.
And such a pleasure to work with! I recently did a trade with her and I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed it! She was so communicative, helpful and the nicest person you'll ever meet. =]

Here are some of my favorite things in her shop...
(The above was a custom order she made and the first thing I saw in her shop. I fell in love instantly when I saw this. Isn't it gorgeous?!)
(This dress (above) was a custom order as well. Beautiful!)

(This dress (below) was also a custom order that she made from the photo below it.)
[click on pictures to see in the shop]

she also has a blog where you can see more pictures, read feedback and hear all about her ideas and upcoming projects! Here is the link: latest custom project is a doll size version of this dress from the new Alice in Wonderland Movie! I can't wait to see it! Everything she makes is so beautiful!

So, If you love doll clothes, beautiful couture or exquisite stitching...
Please visit Melody Valerie Couture. You will not be disappointed!
I hope everyone is having a lovely day!
Remember we love hearing from you! So please don't be strangers! If you have ideas, comments or musings about our blog or shop please do tell!
Have a pretty day!
With love, Marguerite

*ps Oops! Sorry about that Melinda! Silly me!*

Friday, July 23, 2010

Look, look!

This bracelet
was featured in this amazingly gorgeous treasury! The treasury is named Chartreuse Sky. Don't you love the name? Tootsy Two was kind enough to include us in her beautiful creation. I would encourage you to go and look at her shop. It's to die for! Look at her lovely mini quilts! I love this one especially.

Thank you Tootsy Two!


look at the pretty store..

Hey there lovelys! Just re-done our store for your enjoyment. i hope you love it. ;D
Visit the REAL shop by clicking the photo above. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We've been featured! Ooooh!

Hi Friends! I just wanted to let you know that our Doily Snowflake Stocking was featured in this lovely treasury! Thanks to Lori at Uniquely Yours. She has some fun items like this and ooh...this. And guess what? Everything in her shop ships for free! Awesome. :)

By the way...(get ready for some shameless self advertising)...we are having a Christmas in July Sale right now too. All of our Christmas items are 50% off and jewelry is marked down plus free shipping on most of it! Go check it out here and get your Christmas shopping done early. I will too.
*yeah right*

Sigh. I wish I would get it done early.... ;)

Merry Christmas...I mean...wait...


Monday, July 19, 2010

a thing or two about gifts..

Since we always post on here about things we've just listed and things you can purchase.. I thought I would show you a little gift from Pretty Wit that I packaged up for a dear sister of mine. :)

I folded the box and stuck brads in to hold the sides. I pulled a piece of Cotton from a Eco Snow bag and stuffed it in. Laid the PW item on top of the fluff.. and then...left it on her door step.
"I came here on a cloud..."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

50 - and baby we're not done!

Buckle up your Book and Breathe.A PATCHY BELT
is in the store!
hello, you. you're pretty. i like you.


(can you believe it? 50 Items! Woohoo!)