Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Rainy Day

Hello everyone. =]
I just thought I'd let you all know what's going on at Pretty Wit.
We were at the Bend Indoor Market yesterday and today and a good thing it was indoors too 'cause it was pouring down rain all day! *sigh* It was wonderful... I love the rain! Makes me want to sing "Rain drops keep fallin' on my head..." Ok, that's beside the point...

We're working on getting some more things in the shop right now.... I know Gen's working on some fabulous fingerless gloves and I (your news person, Marguerite) am working on some Wolly Pop's and other fun stocking stuffer thingamagigs and Aimee is... well, you never can tell with Aimee.... But I think she's making some crocheted goodies. =]
So stay tuned for some fun (and warm) things for Autumn (and early Christmas too)!

Also... Now is a good time for suggestions. =] What would YOU like to see in our shop? And for that matter, on our blog too. We love questions, comments and suggestions. =]

And now for your random enjoyment... Some pictures from one of our all time favorite movies!
Mary Poppins

Have a



xo Marguerite

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello Friends

It's been a while I know... But (hopefully) with good reason.
Last weekend and this weekend we set up our shop at
The Bend Indoor Market.
We have been quite busy!

Please come check it out if you live in the area! Otherwise, here are some pictures of our trinkets and doodads. =]

Aimee's been hard at work making all these crocheted jewelry pieces!

Our sister and her husband are the ones who make the barbed wire stars and painted furniture and some of the aprons. They also made these business cards (for them)-

And these ones for us! Aren't they awesome?!
Our Mom makes these lovely wreaths!

And here are some new Wolly's I've been working on!

This is Wadsworth.

Gen's been busy making these super cute and stylish fingerless mittens! And of course lots of beautiful jewelry and aprons!

So, in case you've been wondering where we and all our stuff has been, now you know. =]
I'm working on more Wolly Pops to put in the shop as well as some ideas for something new!
As it happens, the market is going on today until 4:00pm (and a giveaway we're doing at the market too!) so if you're quick you can still make it! Here is the website for directions,

We will be there next weekend as well, so please come and see us!
There's also lots of other cool stuff there. Including handmade things, antique and vintage finds, food and fresh produce! It'll be happening every weekend too!
So, anyway, I hope everyone is well and happy! I'm off to take a walk in the sunshine!
xo Marguerite