Monday, October 27, 2008

Pretty Wit- Curtain Call

Wooded Glen. Enter Genevieve, Marguerite and Aimee like wood nymphs.
Narrator: Welcome to the new Pretty Wit blog! We hope you come often to see the new things we are creating and keep tabs on our shop updates.

But first.....

G., M., and A. talking all at once (in a vociferous manner): Let us introduce ourselves! We are three sisters who, while not quoting movies and insulting each other with scathing Shakespearean put-downs and chidings, create and sew and generally make a huge mess of our house. We love to try our hand (and various limbs) at many things so you never know what you will find at Pretty Wit. At the moment you will find lovely hand knit hats and accessories for 18-inch American Girl dolls, sweet Heirloom Tomato pin cushions, beautiful beaded jewelry, a hilarious Mushroom Hat, gorgeous hand drawn paper dolls and more! How about them apples er.....tomatoes? :)

Since you are here reading all of this we thought we'd reward you with some inside information. Here are some super secret plans and ideas for the future... (Shhhhhh.....just kidding....*cheese*)
Autumnal Bunting
"Wolly Pop" Owls (see banner above)
MORE jewelry
Cuffs a la 80's *wink*
A Deeply Fashionable party dress...("You'll look fabulous dahling you will die!")
More paper dolls
Christmas Decorations "etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!" (told you we can quote movies...)

Best not to let all our secrets out of the bag. Besides, you might hold us to them! Nooooooo!

Here are a few of the items in our shop to "feast" your eyes upon:

We are obviously on a food kick...
We'd like to let you in on another plan that we have since you are a die-hard and read all the way to the end of the post. We figure that if WE love winning things, receiving free stuff, presents and PRIZES then you must also. Pretty Wit plans on having many sweet giveaways. "Nacho, this is for reals!" There is no set time for these giveaways so check back here often. In fact, in honor of our new Pretty Wit blog we will have our first giveaway in November!

Genevieve, Marguerite and Aimee