Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello Friends!

Whew! It's been a long time...
We just got back from our vacation in Florida! Wahoo!!
But we've all been dreaming of what we'll put in the shop next! So, hopefully, you will not have to wait forever before we have some new things for sale.

I just sold my last 'heirloom tomato pincushion'! Yay! {Thank you Miss Karol!} So, I'll be making some more of those soon!
Also, I just started on some new sewing box goodies to dangle before your eyes. =] But you'll have to wait till I get them in the shop to see them! I know, not fair... Since you all are jumping off your seats, running around in circles with anticipation, exclaiming that you cannot possibly wait!!
Heh heh... just kidding. =]

In the mean time... Check out these adorable wee pincushions by May Farm Cottage
They are made out of little tin jello molds! So cute!{Click on picture to view in her shop}
And I am in Love with this Bag made out of a Tea Towel!
{Click on picture to view in her shop}

She also has some more vintage goodies, adorable hand sewn ornaments, luscious soaps and beautiful crocheted items! Please go check it out!
Here is the link:

Anyway... Off to the land of music practice and THEN back to the etsy shop workings of the daisy mind!

eheh... =]

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Anna Kristine said...

Yay! Isn't my mummy clever? ;)
I can't wait to see what you make! And I'm so glad your home! :D