Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gypsie Licorice..

Hello! I have just listed this Licorice Bracelet in the SHOP. yay!

Awe! so please come see us! take a look at the prettys..
aaaaand... coming up!
xoxxx aimee


Leah said...

I'm reading that book series!! I'm on the second to last one. I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH!!! :) Gorgeous bracelet by the way. :)

SisterlyLove said...

Oh how fun! I have only read the first four and no more but i have them waiting on my bookshelf! they are so colorful you can't miss them! Everyone should be made to read them..hee hee! I LOVE the 3rd one with Aunt Josephine! it's oh so funnie!
Thanks for the complement. :)
Have fun reading!

Anna Kristine said...

mmm...licorice. :) I like your yummy bracelet and I like you. Oh and I like Lemony Snicket. :D