Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Christmas Treasury

Oh yes, it IS that time again! *singing* "Time for mistletoe and holly...."

And just in time my little handmade stocking is featured in this great treasury!
(Click on the picture to see it larger)

Isn't it cool??

Thanks Smiling Gecko Studio!
I LOVE your seed pod necklaces

and your bird earrings too!



Elissa said...

How fun! What a pretty treasury. It always makes my day when I'm featured in treasuries.
How is your shop doing this holiday season? Hopefully I'll be able to make a few sales this year. I haven't ever been able to take advantage of the Christmas shopping time, because I'm always on vacation this time of year :)

Have a lovely evening!

SisterlyLove said...

Oh so cute!
But... I'm getting ahead of myself, Thanksgiving first..
I LOVE THANKSGIVING!! I've been smelling Turkey at random times of the day.
Gen and Aimee will vouch for that. =]

SisterlyLove said...

Hi Elissa! Thanks for the comment! We currently have most of our inventory at a local weekend market so we really haven't had much business with our online store recently. Soon we will have a lot more stuff in our shop though. Hopefully! I know what you mean about Christmas vacation time. Ah well. :)

Looked at your shop again. CUTE stuff! I adore your aqua cozie and the butterfly journal! So pretty. Good luck with your shop this season!