Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Custom Hobo Gloves

 Hello Pretty people! I just wanted to show you some pictures of a custom pair of Hobo gloves. She wanted a mismatched pair of gloves with roses and ruffles! Aren't they fun? Colors I would never think of putting together but I think they turned out really nice!

 Here they are all wrapped up and ready to be sent out. We use recycled packaging whenever possible and we usually include a little free gift! Yay for free stuff! YES!


Psst...special giveaways and coupon codes coming soon!


Ms. Givens said...

Loads of fun and the color combo is striking!

Elissa said...

Oh, so cute! I love making fingerless gloves, but mine aren't nearly as cute as yours. My mom got me something from your shop for christmas last year, and the packaging was so cute, she left it all intact. Loved the free gift too, you girls run a fabulous shop ;)