Monday, February 13, 2012

Love note

 Hello my Pretties! I recently won this lovely prize from Knitted Home. The following letter reveals my innermost feelings for it. 

Dear Rose Pink Ear Warmer,

I love you.
How do I love you? Well now, let me count the ways...

You are so soft and cozy and you keep my ears warm while I'm working or playing. You make doing chores and taking walks so much better than before. You look so beautiful that it makes me beautiful too. You are so friendly and useful that everyone loves you and says they want one just like you. You have a pretty and convenient little button so that you don't muss my hair  or make it stick straight up when I put you on. How considerate you are! Remember that day I thought I'd lost you? I was so sad! But ah, there you were hiding in my bag, oh the joy I felt when I saw your pink self! Yes, you are a beautiful rose pink that seems to match everything I wear. I love that you have a twin that will make someone else just as happy as I am.  But mostly I love you because a lovely friend made you for me!

Oh, how I do love you. Will you be my Valentine?

Your friend for life,

P.S. For more mushy mush love posts go read our Three Spinsters blog. Lots of lovely posts by my sisters.


Knitted Home said...

How ADORABLE & CUTE! is this post!! Thank you so much; I'm so happy you love it as much as I love them! I will definitely treasure this post - and your beautiful artwork! LOVE!!

Thank you for sharing this with me :]

Knitted Home said...

P.S. I loved this post so much I had to leave a link & your graphic on my blog for everyone to see:

Hope you don't mind.

Liz said...


I love this ear warmer. It's just beautiful. It looks like it could be knitted or crocheted. What a great prize to win. I really need one of these. Thanks for sharing with us:D
Have a great weekend,

SisterlyLove said...

I know, isn't it beautiful? And SO comfortable.