Saturday, January 31, 2015

Your February Calendar - Free Printables

Oh it's February...

Option 1: "It's snow white." - North and South {possibly the most romantic movie in the universe...}

Option 2: "Reader, I married him." - Jane Eyre

These Free Printable Calendar Pages are for you. Courtesy of Pretty Wit.
This is a glorious month isn't it? Makes me want to paint paper hearts and string them about everywhere. 

Here are some fun ideas for gift toppers, envelope stuffers, and vintage valentines cards. There's nothing quite like getting an envelope in the mail.

[1. Original Illuminated Text by PrettyWit. (coming soon!) - 2. Handmade Mini Granny Square Hair Pin - 3. Valentines Day Cards]

If you enjoyed these calendar pages, please share and pin and favorite and do all that lovey stuff.  
Pretty ♥ Wit
{Free Printables for personal use only. Please do not sell these digital or printed files.}

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