Saturday, August 1, 2015

August... you are the soggiest.. | Free Printables!

August isn't real soggy...But this Free Printable August Calendar looks kind of drizzly. I'm almost positive, thinking cold thoughts will make it cool down.

 "A Soggy August"

Here's a lovely gift idea or two...
a. Paris Monumental artprint (from recycled calendar) - here's a printable one I rather like. Also, Here's a zoomed out.
b. A is for aardvark by Printable Wisdom
c. Zebra wrapping paper (inside is a handmade wide stretch lace headband. in Pink!)
d. Love Oregon artprint by Katie Daisy/The Wheatfield

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{Free Printables for personal use only. Please do not sell these digital or printed files.}

1 comment:

Emaline Foster said...

This is SOOO cute! I'm printing it right now! ♥