Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jolly Judy Party Dress...

Hello Silly Wonders! This is the dress i made for you, so that you can look
like your from the swingin' forties!

The Jolly Judy Party Dress

The perfect dress with the perfect accessories....
(ring is not for sale :(. But this glamorous necklace (sold by luxedeluxe) would be a gorgeous contrast with the dress! (click on pic to view) make sure you have something to sparkle and beautify!)

Genevieve was gracious enough to take the pictures of Bea, and
I was there to supervise......or get in the way....Thanks ever so much!

By the way it looks fabulous with "black alligator" heels

criss-cross, halter, strait, (strait and angled in at back or strapless not shown in photos)

I am ever faithfully yours,

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civilwardancer said...

OH, How I love your dress!!! It is so pretty!
Love you