Thursday, December 18, 2008

hoot, hoot... but what can this be?

A Giveaway!!

Act 1
Scene 4
A wooded glen with little fuzzy critters nibbling on small and fragrant blossoms of white poking up through the new fallen snow.
Enter Marguerite with whimsical expression, a little owl perched on her shoulder and her usual following of birds...

Marguerite: Alas... Here is the place where in due course I must part with thee dear Patsy.
My heart... it does so ache at the very thought. Yet I know it shall be for the good of all. O! What joy you shall bring to the lucky winner of the giveaway! Your sweet song and gentle ways would encourage even the hardest heart to swoon! O that I were that fortuitous winner that I might have you! Alas... that individual is not myself but another.... And who shall it be? Someone who is more deserved than I. They shall be all courage and honor and...

Enter Aimee and Genevieve with noses pointed toward the sky in lofty disdain.

Aimee: Peace good sister... Have we not heard you from miles away that you should carry on so?

Genevieve: Indeed!

Marguerite: Then what would you have my sisters? A ballad instead? A stanza? Or perhaps an excerpt from Lear or Hamlet for a more dramatic take...

Genevieve: For soothe... be still and listen to the wisdom that we bring forth.

Aimee: Yes, 'tis true dear fellows that this is the time of the wonder that shall be the giveaway.
You must follow these rules in order to be privy to this great ordeal.

Genevieve: They are as follows -

Leave a comment with-
1. Your name
2. A way we can contact you if you are that lucky winner
3. Your favorite kind of cheese
4. and Put a link to this giveaway on your blog (only if you so desire), to get one extra chance to win! Then let us know!

The Giveaway will end on New Years Day. So hurry and sign up!
This is Patsy. A genuine "Wolly Pop" made (with love) by Marguerite of Pretty Wit.
In these pictures she is posed as a Christmas ornament but could also be used as a key chain, a rear view mirror decoration or just a little friend for when you need cheering up. =]
She is about 3 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide made of embossed and flat felt, red embroidery thread and stuffed with eco-snow (an environmentally friendly alternative to polyester).
Also, has a $15.00 value!!

If you would like to see more Wolly Pops, please visit our etsy shop at:

With sincerest regards...
Marguerite, Genevieve and Aimee


civilwardancer said...

He is sooooooo cute!
1.I think that you know who I am an how you can get a hold of me! :)
2.Ummmm......... my favorite kind of cheese would be, i think cheddar!
3. Of course I will put a post on my bog! I will go and do it right now! :)

Chrissy said...

Oh! I love him!
3.fedda baby!
4. for sure I will :)

Leah said...

Hi! This is a really cute little guy!

1. Leah
3. Mozzarella
4. Linked already

Ericrazy said...

1. Erica
#. Muenster
4. One step ahead of ya ;]

D'Rae said...

1. D'Rae
3. Provolone
4. linked

robin_titan said...

1. Lisette
2. my blog-username is robin_titan, my email is at the top left hand corner, sorry I don't want to get spam
3. american
4. I put a link to this giveaway :)

Pharmacy Tech said...

1. Connie 2. addy is 3. Extra Sharp Cheddar