Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Winner....

Act II
Scene I
Returning to the same wooded glen as before (cute woodland animals included)
Enter Marguerite, Genevieve, Aimee and Patsy with frolicking and jubilation.

Patsy: Toowoo.. I prithee good maidens, keep me in suspense no longer... To where shall I be flying hence?

Aimee(In a foul temperament): Peace flying fool! Give us audience and your thirst for knowledge will be quenched.

Genevieve: Good Sister you talk much and think little.... Though Patsy is a little feather brained, she is not a fool.

Marguerite: The more fool I for inviting "The Younger" here.

Genevieve: Let us now proceed with the task at hand. A most jovial task it is too!

Aimee: Yea, let us proceedeth and conquereth.

Genevieve and Marguerite (in unison): shh.

The mixing-eth of the names-eth

The reaching in of the hand-eth

And the winner-eth is...

Congratulations D'Rae-eth! (Hey! Stop with the 'eth's!)

Patsy: (dear audience, we regret to inform you that amid the flappings and hootings and goings on we could not quite make out anything the dear bird was saying, however, from various other birds and squirrels educated in Owl speech we gather that she is overjoyed to meet the author of Slices of Life and will be flying there as quickly as her wings will carry her.)

Marguerite: When the sun sets behind a clover covered hill, then shall we see thee again.

Genevieve: Farewell, farewell, farewell....

Aimee: I'm sure one farewell will suffice.

Marguerite: adieu.... eth.


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