Friday, July 3, 2009


Scene II

A clover covered hill.

The sun is setting
The sky is pink
The wind is abetting
The sisters in their sink.

Marguerite: *ahem* What?
Genevieve: Well, it had to rhyme! What else rhymes with pink? I ask thee?
Aimee: Clink. Ink. Link....
Genevieve: Ok, ok.... thank you. I am much obliged. (leans toward audience) NOT SO!

Genevieve: It is time my sisters, that we make our apologies.
Marguerite: Yes, let us hasten to make our apologies so that we can administer reparation to these good and noble people!
Aimee: Hear! Hear!

"Apologies for what?" you may ask. Well, we'll tell you. For being very negligent and not posting for such a long time. We are very naughty and we BEG your forgiveness!

(photo by John Phillips)

To make it up to you we have decided to have a big sale at our shop and some giveaway's to boot. Almost every item in our shop has FREE shipping until the 7th of July!

SO, this is a sneak attack! The FIRST person to comment on this post wins her choice of the two bracelets. (Don't panic, your comment may not show up right away, but I will get an e-mail notification telling me who was first.) If you weren't first, don't cry....there's no reason to fret! All the other comments we get before the 10th of July will go into a hat and we will choose a random winner that day.
To qualify to win you must peek into our shop and then come back and tell us what your favorite item was. Make sure that we can reach you somehow if you are the winner. For additional chances to win you can do one or more of these:
#1 "Heart" our Etsy shop
#2 Follow this blog
#3 Make a purchase at Pretty Wit
#4 Blog about this giveaway
#5 All of the above
Make sure you come back and make a separate comment for EACH one of these options that you choose to do! If you already follow the blog then just leave a comment telling us that you do so that you will get your additional entry.

And if someone does all of these things (say what her favorite item is, heart the Etsy shop, Follow this blog, purchase something from our Etsy shop and blog about this giveaway) they will receive these pretty recycled envelopes! There are 10 envelopes in the set.

And just for giggles, everyone who participates in this giveaway will receive a 10% off coupon for Pretty Wit to use on whatever you choose!

Genevieve: Thank you and fare thee well my good people. May we meet soon in some happy field of daisies and grass and butterflies and beetles!


Adelheide said...

You are forgiven, and it is so nice to hear from you again!!! That picture of the schoolgirls is so cute!

Just this morning I was also going to have a sale in my shop, but I couldn't figure out how to do it... Do you know how to create a code that someone can use to get a discount in my shop? If you do know pretty-please could you call me, or leave a comment?

Thanks :)

Adelheide said...

oops, I forgot to say what I love from your shop. Although everything is incredible, Alec the Awesome is my favorite, hands down! I think he would like to cruise around town with Morgandy don't you?


Adelheide said...

Sorry for leaving so many comments! I contacted Etsy about having a sale, and they were able to help me. Unfortunatly there is no handy gadget that helps you make a sale, you have to do it all manually :(

Anyways, I decided to have free shipping too, and I also posted about your givaway over at the Garret Corner!


Leah said...

I already follow your blog! :) My favorite thing in your etsy shop was the Romantic and Eclectic Coil Bracelet.

Anna Kristine said...

Oi! So pretty! Am I disqualified if I can't pick a favorite item??? *sigh* I love everything and everybuddy. (the "buddies" being the wolly's of course)
I am off to blog about your sale my lovelies! :) Hope it's okay if I steal some Pretty Wit art??
Lots of love xxx

civilwardancer said...

I do follow your blog!
As for my favorite thing in you shop, that is a hard decision to make! My favorite thing would be.......Alec the Awesome!
Love you!

Costume Queen said...

I just found this page by way of The Art of Clothes blog. I have to say that my favorite item in your etsy shop is Professor Flimmeny Woo the Wolly Pop. =)

Costume Queen said...

Oh yes, and I am following your blog now. :)

And I forgot to leave my contact info:

Costume Queen said...

I blogged about the Pretty Wit giveaway on my blog ( =)