Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Victors!

Act II
Scene III

A Happy Field.
(Butterflies are fluttering through the daisies while the beetles content themselves with plodding through the grasses of the field.)

[Enter Genevieve, Marguerite and Aimee with important looks about them]

Genevieve: My, it took us longer than we thought to arrive in this Happy Field!
Marguerite: 'Tis true Sister. Thou shouldn'st maketh promises that you are unable to keep. What will these fair children of the Web think of thee?
Genevieve: I hope that they will forgive me and not think I am a deluder. It's just that this field is so far off from our place of abode!
Aimee: Ah well, let us get on with the business and not fritter away the time that they have so generously bestowed upon us.
Genevieve: You speak true my sister, let us push on.

The victors of the giveaway are....
Adelheide from The Garret Corner who was the first one to comment and chose the "Ooh La La Fa La" bracelet.
Civalwardancer of Daughters Arise has won the "Summer Field" hemp bracelet!

We send our hearty well wishes to the winners and hope that they will enjoy their bracelets! And to all the rest of you who have participated we would like to reward you with a coupon for Pretty Wit. And keep your eyes opened for the next giveaway which is rumored to surface VERY soon!

Until we meet again.... Adieu!


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