Friday, November 28, 2008

Announcing the Winner!

Act I
Scene III
Some Abandoned Cave
Enter Genevieve, Marguerite, Aimee and a Silly Hat with much Pomp and Circumstance into the dark, damp interior. With white faces and hair disheveled.

Marguerite: Alas! An Abandoned Cave! Methinks those blood thirsty turkey's will not find us here!

Genevieve: Yes, we have arrived. That was rather harrowing I must say! How gloomy 'tis! We must have some light! Where ARE those stage hands when you need them? Oh well, Aiiimeeeeee! You must procure us some glimmering lights so that we may better read the name of our Winner of the Giveaway of Wonder!

Aimee (to the audience): What ho? How many Shakespeareans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Genevieve: Friend, I fear these good people will not wish to hear your railings. Peace!

Marguerite: Methinks there ist no place for a light bulb in this cavern of woe.

Aimee: Not a place of woe but a haven of rejoicing and prizes!!

Genevieve: Aha! Which brings us to the point of this propitious post...we are to announce the winner of our very first giveaway ever!!!! So without further ado, well, as much as we can do without ado. Or should I say...with all that previous ado, we give you the winner!

(drum roll accompanied by majestic trumpets, singing of exotic birds, wood nymphs' dancing feet and bleatings of woolly sheep)

In unison (with dramatic pauses for effect): Wait, we will show to you the hat the famous hat that held all your ravishing names. We stowed all your names in this silly top hat.

Marguerite: Then we cast a spell over the hat to protect it from the cheating curse so that the evil munchkins of Cheatersland would not prosper.

Genevieve: Oh dear, silly child. She's always had a flair for the dramatic. I really think you live in an altogether different society than we. She's cast most often in strange and foreign roles. Dracula...Pirate....Lily Maid.

Aimee: We drew in a breath to the fullest inflation of our lungs and drew out the fateful piece of parchment.
Collectively exhale and exclaim with imperfect timing: Anna Kristine!

Yea, dear friends, she is the chosen recipient of the Evenstar bracelet! Thank you so much Anna for signing up and sending all your dear friends and fans to our giveaway!

And we thank you all too for signing up! It has been a most gratifying event! In fact we had such a lovely time meeting all of you and reading your funny, intelligent and delightful comments that we plan to have many more Giveaways of Wonder! Please come back and read the script for more chances to audition and win! A very painless way of keeping informed about Giveaways of Wonder is to follow this blog. Just click the "Follow this Blog" button at the top of this page.

Marguerite: I hope you are all excited about Christmas. If not, you will be ushered out the back exit into the dark alley and left alone.

Genevieve: Shun!

Aimee: Off with their heads!

Marguerite: For we are fans of Christmas and have a special surprise flying this way. It would be wise to give audience to this blog in the days ahead. It should be a hoot.

Thank you all for playing!



Anna Kristine said...

Oh! Dearie me! I feel I do not deserve such a grand prize! *blushes* But I am ever so happy and I do love Evenstar ever so. I shall feel like Arwen every time I wear it. Although I might look more like Aragorn. ;) haha
This was so much fun...I just may have to do a giveaway one of these days. Hmmm.... :)
Much love to you brilliant beauties!
~Anna Kristine

SisterlyLove said...

Oh yes you do deserve it friend! Every bit of it. We are very excited for you! Aragorn indeed! Ha ha! You funny girl!

Yes do do! Have a giveaway!!


Chrissy said...

Ah shoot. But congrats anna!

SisterlyLove said...

Thanks Chrissy! Maybe you'll be next eh? :)
Thanks for participating anyway. :)