Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meet Clive...

This is Clive. My very first "Wolly Pop" on Etsy.
He is very excited to begin this new adventure; As am I. I've been making these little guys (and gals!) for about a year now and been giving them to friends for Christmas presents etc. And everyone just loves 'em! So, I decided to send them out into the world via Etsy .
I hope they will take flight into joyful hands where they will live happily ever after. =]
Please go say hello to Clive at Pretty Wit. I am sure he would love to meet you!
Thank you, dearest Genevieve, for your wonderful photography... She really is a genius.

Soon, hopefully, I will be making more of these little birds of wonder and some larger ones too.

Thank you to all of the "Wolly Pop" fans who inspired me in the first place. =]

With most grateful reverence,


Anna Kristine said...

"Ello Clive!" Yay...I'm so excited and he is so cute! Clive is such a clever Clive Staples Lewis. Brilliant. I still need to name my owl. I can't choose a name. I like "Dickens" but who knows...anyway. Congratulations on venturing "Wolly Pop" owls into the world of Etsy. :)

SisterlyLove said...

Clive is now on his way to the East Coast! Can you believe it! Wow... Exciting!

Anna Kristine said...

I hope he gets to live near the sea so he can go surfing. I think he shall miss Longboard Louie's though. I rather miss him already. They grow up fast...don't they?