Friday, November 14, 2008


Scene II
Low hanging clouds of Ambrosia Salad. Enter fool and the three spinsters amongst the falling marshmallows.

Fool: 'Tis time for a giveaway
Yes, today is the day
You need NOT pay
Just leave a comment......

Aimee: Peace fool! That does not rhyme! Now, I do frown on thee with all my heart! And if mine eyes can wound, now let them kill thee!

Marguerite: Yes, merrily, you read right. We are having a giveaway of grandeur! Here is how it will work....

: Hearken to her, for she is wise.....

Marguerite: To enter the giveaway please leave a comment on this post (You do not need to have a blogger account to leave a comment. Just leave an anonymous comment and be sure to include your name and e-mail!).

Be sure to include:
(1) your name
(2) a way for us to get a hold of you (e-mail or link to your blog etc.)
(3) name of the bracelet you will choose if you win
(4) your favorite color
(5) and the name of the person (if any) who directed you to the giveaway.
5 being the number of things to list in your comment. 6 shalt thou not count, neither count thou 4 unless thou then proceedeth to 5! 7 is right out!

Genevieve: Peace good madam, you shall confuse them with your railings! When you comment your name will go in the hat. AND if you tell your friends to comment and they list you as the person who directed them hence, you will get your name put in the hat for each friend who lists you. So in other words, the more people you tell about the giveaway the more chances you have of winning! Yay!

Aimee: The illustrious winner shall receive the bracelet of her choosing that she loves best!

(Left to right) Gypsy Girl, Chocolate Sky or Evenstar
Made by Genevieve
The curtain will fall on this giveaway 12:00 AM PST on November 28th, 2008. We will draw a name from a silly hat and announce the winner later that day.

Fare thee well! Until we meet again in some abandoned cave!



quitecontrary1977 said...

Chocolate sky is so pretty! My fave color is normally red, but I like all the blues in this beauty!


Carla said...
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yumi said...

I came across the talented prettywit
When I was surfing mushroom
There was an adoring hat
That would look good on my bestie's headroom.

Colors and Rainbows suit me fine,
The Gypsy Girl looks absolutely divine!


kamewh said...

1) Kam

2) kerin0874 (at) yahoo (dot) com

3) Evenstar

4) blue

5) no one

Ana Smith said...

~I am currently drooling over Evenstar.
~I love red.
~ refferred me to this lovely giveaway.

Ana Smith

Anna Kristine said...

(1-2)You already know who I am and how to get ahold of me. :)
(3) Me likes Evenstar! :D
(4) I <3 Caribbean blue
(5) Daisy told me about it. :)

Chrissy said...

1) the name be chrissy
3) Chocolate sky is gorgeous.
4)Tiffany blue, for sure.
5)Anna Kristine
(that's basically my favorite quote from monte python)

Anonymous said...

1. Merry
3. evenstar
4. black
5. a lovely little bird named gweniffer told me
6. and thus, I count to six...
7. hmmm, nothing seems to be happening...
8. something must be broken!! I see no explosions, blue unicorns, holy hand grenades or knights who formerly say "NEE!"...Aimee!!! something is the matter!- thus I counted to seven and was NOT punished!! THEREFORE something must be broken!! ...and I was dearly hoping for blue unicorns :)

I have a verse for you...

'Twix the hall and adjacent door
lies a light, lit evermore
By way of light, through sea of stars
Let this light, fill up the dark

Anonymous said...

Shauna C.
Jenny has my information, and you guys told me about this!
My favorite color is indigo.
I love Evenstar!
Great site!

Becky said...

(1) Rebekah
(3) Chocolate sky
(4) pink
(5) none

PrincessofChrist said...

5)No one directed me. Stumbled across the link.

Elissa said...

I'd love to be entered the bracelets are SO gorgeuous!! (And the way you typed this post is HILARIOUS!!! I 'specially liked the reference to Monty Python ;))
My name: Elissa Pickle
you can get in touch with me through my blog (you can get to my blog by clicking on my profile) by leaving a comment.
If I win, I would certainly choose the "evenstar" it is SOO gorgeous and the name is PERFECT!!!
My favorite colors are green and blue.
I found this give away through Anna Kristine.


Mrs. Dole said...

Gorgeous bracelets!
1. Tracy Dole
3. Evenstar
4. green and green :-)
5. Anna Kristine was lovely enough to share about this giveaway!

Hannah said...

1. Hannah
2. my blog:
3. Evenstar
4. Pink
5. And I found out through Anna Kristine

Anonymous said...

one - angela gough
two -
three - GIPsy girl
four - green...NO! YELLOW!
five - jennyfar, jennynear, jenny jumped over the chandelier!
six - miss you girls. i LOVE you.

Jordan said...

(1) Jordan
(2) jordan (at) gnuhaus (dot) com
(3) evenstar!! (sooo pretty)
(4) purple (today, at least)
(5) Anna Kristine

Anonymous said...

1. Amanda
3. Even Star
4. Red
5. No one!!!!!

Janna said...

(1) Janna
(3) "Evenstar"
(4) Blue
(5) LizzieBennet from S&S forum

Amy said...

I love chocolate sky! My current favorite color is turquoise, and miss Lizzie sent me over!

Jenn said...

1) Jenn
2) jenn.greiving@gmail DOT com
3) Evenstar
4), Green.
5) The Art of Clothes blog

Anna said...

wow! Those are quite stunning bracelets!
1. Anna
3. Evenstar
4. green and red
5. LizzieBennet from Sense & Sensibility forum.

Anonymous said...

Uno. Robyn
Tres. ChocoSky
Quatro. Pink
Cinco. Amanda
Ses. Just had to go to six because Ange did...Y'all are most funny. So clever...Did you design your own wall paper etc?

Anonymous said...

1. robyn
2. if i just keep posting comments, do you just keep on entering my name?
3. i,m going to 'stuff the box' ha ha.

Anonymous said...

1. auntie j
3. evenstar
4. blue, green, brown, etc.
5. angela, et. al

Pretty Wit is sooo cute! I'll come back and peek later.

Amanda Flynn said...

1. Amanda Flynn
3. Evenstar
5 LizzieBennet

Julia Marie said...

1. I'm Julia
2. You know my blog :)
3. Hardest one to answer. . . they're all gorgeous! I think I'd have to say evenstar is my favorite, though.
4. chrome
5. I found you thru your comments on my blog

Anonymous said...

1) Moriah
2) (my sister) jordan (at) gnuhaus (dot) com
3) Evenstar!!
4) purple
5) My sister Jordan

Mark said...

1. Mark (guys can enter, yes?)
2. mark (at) gnuhaus (dot) com
3. evenstar
4. green
5. Jordan sent me here.

Anonymous said...

1) Bethany
2) jordan (at) gnuhaus (dot) com
3) evenstar
4) purple
5) my sister Jordan

Anonymous said...

I Love you blog!!!!! I also love Clive! He is so cute :)
2) I think that you have my e-mail
4)My favorite color would be.........Blue
5)No one! I found it off of your blog! :)
Love you girls.

Anonymous said...

1) Joan
2) doxxies2 (at) gmail (dot) com
3) evenstar
4) turquoise
5) Jordan sent me here

Anonymous said...

2.kunwin (at) gmail (dot) com

Kyna said...

1. Kyna
2. kynaroyal (at) yahoo (.) com
3. Evenstar
4. Brown
5. LizzieBennet from S&S forum