Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Giveaway

Act II
Scene IV

Amongst the boughs of Sherwood Forest

Genevieve: Well my sisters! Methinks that there should be a giveaway very soon.
Marguerite: We agree with THAT sister. It is the matter of what to give. That is the altercation at hand!
Aimee: Sisters, sisters! Let us not.....wait! Do mine eyes deceive me or do I see a bold and comely youth advancing toward us through the boughs?
Genevieve: Yes, I see him now!
Aimee: And my! What an audacious dresser this youth is. Look at his green hat with the jaunty red feather. And arrows to match no less! Come, let us address him and ask him what he thinks about our dilemma!

(the three Spinsters advance and address the youth)

Marguerite: Fair Youth, what do you here?
Youth: Why, hunting for my dinner table my good lady! In fact, I'm on the trail of one magnificent stag who alludes my arrows these 3 times! Have you not seen him?
Genevieve: Oh dear me, no we have not!
Youth: That is distressing! Would that I was a better shot like the one they call Maid Marian.
Aimee: Oh! Robin Hood you mean.
Youth: No! I assure you I mean no such person! Robin...Hood could not hold a candle to the famous Maid of the Forest! They say that she dresses in the garb of a youth and goes here and there helping Robin Hood and his Merry Men. I've..She's gotten them out of many an impasse!
Genevieve: If only we could meet her! I would love to lay my eyes on the someone who could best Robin Hood! She must be a most interesting young lady!
Youth: (with a strange smile) It just so happens that I have a painting of her! Would you like to see the young lady?
Aimee: Oh yes please!
Youth: Alright, but you must not look at the paintings until I am out of sight! (handing them a bundle of papers before darting off into the dark wood) Remember! Completely out of sight!
Marguerite: We will remember Pretty Youth! Thank you!
Genevieve: What a strange boy he was! Very interesting though. I hope we see more of him.
Aimee: Sisters!
Marguerite: Yes, and his eyes were very pretty!
Aimee: Sisters!
Genevieve: And such smooth skin! I don't know if I have every seen a smoother cheek on a girl!
Aimee: (very loud) SISTERS! Look!

And this is what they saw:

Marguerite: Why, it cannot be!
Genevieve: No! It must be the youths sister!
Aimee: I think it WAS her! We have been played for fools!
Marguerite: We have been bamboozled!
Genevieve: We have been hoodwinked!
Aimee: Yes, we have been all of these things but do you not see? Our dilemma is solved! We have our giveaway my dears!
Genevieve: Why yes, just so!

Just leave a comment in the box below (make sure we have some way to reach you) and state who your favorite Robin Hood character is and we will pick a winner next Sunday! The drawing is for a Maid Marian paper doll either hand colored or left uncolored for your own interpretation of the famed Lady of the Woods!

Until we meet again in a little villa in the South of France!


Anna Kristine said...

Allan a Dale! :D
Oooh, pick me! pick me!
These are so cool. :)

Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Love it! That is so cute! My favorite character is Maid Marion of course.

Anonymous said...

I Love those! I have never met you and I found you through Amandabeth. I hope that you do not mind me entering, if you do then just take me out please. If you do not mind me entering then here is my email
Thanks a lot!

Caroline said...

Oh how lovely! I like Will Scarlett, especially in the Errol Flynn movie!

civilwardancer said...

OH! I love them! They are so pretty!
I hate to say it but I have never read or seen Robin Hood! :(

Daughters Arise said...

Very cool! Maid Marian is my fav.

Eleree said...

I must admit Maid Marian to be my favorite. Especially as lovely as you have her!


Simply Tiffany said...

Oh, dear...that's a very hard decision! Will Scarlet and Maid Marion are up for a tie! Beautiful paper dolls!

Natasha Atkerson said...


Nahla said...

Ooh, I'll enter!! Here's my blog, where you can reach me:

SisterlyLove said...

Can I just say... Much.
but you don't have to enter me in the giveaway. I just wanted to say that. ...Although, I really do love Will too. Can't decide. They'll have to just live with that. 'Cause that's how it's gunna be. =]

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Knitted Home said...

Oh, I do love your creative writing. it is so refreshing to read :)