Sunday, November 8, 2009


Act II
Scene V

(a little villa in the south of France)
[Enter Genevieve, Marguerite, Aimee, Caroline and Will Scarlett with lute in hand]

Will Scarlett:
Merrily, Merrily!
Aimee: *sigh*
Genevieve: And tra-la-la?
Will Scarlett:
Aimee: *sigh*
Will Scarlett: Why dost thou sighest my fair lady?
Genevieve: Oh, don't mindeth her, my good sir. She knoweth not what she....sighs.
Caroline: Yes, she sighs a lot.
For no apparent reason.
Aimee: *sigh*
Marguerite: It may be apparent to some and some might apparently say that it is not apparent which is a very transparent way to think, apparently.
Will Scarlett: Apparently my faculties are not coherent enough to see through the transparent appearance of her apparent reasons for sighing.
Aimee: *sigh*
Caroline: It appears that I DO understand the reason for the sighs she emits. But far be it from me to allude to it!
Genevieve: My dear, you just alluded to it. Apparently.
Will Scarlett: She has a point.
Aimee: *sigh*
Caroline: Well, I will say no more about it. It is apparent to me and that is enough.
Marguerite: You just said more about it.
Will Scarlett: (suddenly bursting into song)
"Merrily, Merrily....

Marguerite: (rolls her eyes) Oh no.

Will Scarlett:
What ho merrily!
Tra-la-la la lolly!"

Aimee: *sigh*
Will Scarlett:
"Merrily Marian, Merrily
And the Lady in waiting!
We're waiting WAITING!
Not so merrily any more
For waiting and sighing until we roar!"

Aimee: *sigh*
Genevieve: Dost thou think yonder musician is alluding to something?
Marguerite: Apparently!
Will Scarlett:
(getting louder)
"Apparently, Merrily
Marian, Caroline-ily!
Happy, happy tra la la
Let's get on with the blah blah blah!"
Aimee: *sigh*
Genevieve: A fool, a fool!
Methinks he's turned into a newt!
Will Scarlett:
"Merrily, Merrily a newt, a newt!..."

(all the ladies, except for Aimee, look askance)

Will Scarlett: (stops singing)...I got better!
Aimee: *sigh*
Genevieve: Caroline-ily.....merrily? Marian...Caroline-ily...where IS Caroline....ily?
Marguerite: By Jove! She's collapsed!
Will Scarlett:
"Sleeep is a reconciling
A rest that peace begets"
Genevieve: Fetch a pail of cold water! We must revive her for I remember why she is here!

(Caroline-ily comes to apparently on account of a bucket of rain water poured over her head)

Will Scarlett: Oh my dear girl! My sweet! Merrily, Caroline-ily! Thou hast come out of your dreams to entereth mine!
Aimee: Oh! Ominous! He comes to kill my heart!
Will Scarlett: (musing to himself) Methinks I begin to understand the apparent reasons for her sighs! *sigh*
Caroline: Where am I?
Will Scarlett: *sigh*
Genevieve: You are in a Little Villa in the South of France! Did not you read the script?!
Marguerite: Yes, and the next scene will be performed in "the middle of the road in Drain, Oregon surrounded by angry policemen and ferocious dogs!" Wait, how can that be right? There must be some error. I will put a stop to this nonsense! Let us get on with the business at hand!
Aimee: Yes, sister let us proceed forthwith.
Will Scarlett: *sigh*
Genevieve: *ehem* We gather this day to present to you the winner of a most prodigious giveaway that was recently conducted at a blogeth called Pretty Wit. With much ado about nothing we give you the winner!
The Cast: (all together) The honorable Miss, The Lady, The Merry, Merrily, Merrily, Tra-la-La Caroline-ily!
Will Scarlett:
"Caroline-ily, Merrily
Ha ha ha!"
Caroline and Aimee: (simultaneously) *SIGH*
Caroline-ily: Oh thanketh thou! I am deeply honored to be the recipient of such an illustrious award! Caroline-ily....I like it! You know I do? Aimee, put it on my luggage!
Will Scarlett: *sigh*
Aimee: Caroline-ily, do not rail thus to me as if I wast thine slave!
Will Scarlett: *sigh*
Marguerite: Stop that sighing! I mean it!
Will, Aimee and Caroline-ily: (simultaneously) *SIGH*

Until we meet again in the middle of the road in Drain, Oregon surrounded by angry policemen and ferocious dogs!


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Will Scarlett: She has a point.

So funny!
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