Friday, November 6, 2009

Pemberly Couture: things to grace your fingers and wrists. to complement your gowns or tie together your ensembles.

This ring! how romantic! (you must click on the photos to view the listings on etsy.)
Here we are me lovelies! I was just over at AnnaKristine's etsy shop and was marveling at her jewelry.. it is quite lovely. and so well priced! She has most of the bracelets at $5.oo a piece! how nice she is! ;) I love this one..The wolf makes me think of Sir Guy of Gisborne! haha! ohh!
and this next one is actually named "Lady Gisborne Leather Necklace" in honour of the "Maid Marian's Wardrobe a medieval fashion event". isn't it just wonderful? The leather strap is simply Giz! haha! "Giz?"
This three strand bracelet is darling with its little rosette bead connecting them in the middle..
and this one is super cute too! I love the colors and the silver beads are very pretty, don't you find?
and shouldn't you just love to own this?? It's inspired by Marie Antoinette. And isn't it just her? it has an antique locket which is just darling! *sigh* i love jewelry!
Thank you Anna for creating these wonderful accessories to complement our fashion. And they are so reasonably priced! yay! tee hee hee!
I'll see you all again some time! DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!
i hope you all have a pretty day!

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Anonymous said...

It DOES look like Gisbourne - and I"ve seen the Lady Gisbourne necklace! SO cool!
YES!! I LOVE WILL!! HE IS SUPER AWESOME!! My mom and I think he's very cute, plus he's SO cool and sweet and quiet and *sighs*
And yes, I love that last shot where they're all quiet, then jump up shouting "YEAH!"
I'm actually writing a Robin Hood BBC fanfiction - if you want to give me your email, I could send you the chapters!!